“Plant proteins and flavors: unhappy marriage?”

Igor Bodnár is Innovation Director in the Taste & Beyond Division of Firmenich, leading a team on decoding performance insights, working on flavour release from food and delivery systems, and incorporating these findings into digital systems. Igor received his PhD in physical and colloid chemistry from Utrecht University. After a post-doc in chemical engineering at the University of Delaware, US, he moved to the food industry in the science area of Product Microstructure at Unilever Research in Vlaardingen (the Netherlands). He continued his career at NIZO food research, as project manager, principal scientist and group leader Flavour & Texture Design. Since 2010 he is employed by Firmenich in Geneva (CH), continuing his work in the area of physical chemistry of food and flavour systems, including food structuring, texture and encapsulation. The main lines of his current work include connecting the interactions between flavours and the food matrix, and how flavour release is impacting the subsequent sensorial perception.